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HISTORY 1930------2012

  •         1930 The Provincial Grand Master of Sussex Major R. L.Thornton noticed that in the Official returns the names of Crawley, Ifield and District Masons were occurring in greater frequency. W/Bro. W. T. Sheperdson. Lodge No 56. Howard Lodge of Brotherly Love at Littlehampton was commissioned to enquire into the possibility of forming a Regular Lodge to meet in Crawley

  •        A meeting was held in the George Hotel Crawley on the 4th July 1930, attended by 3 Past Masters and 20 Master Masons. A motion proposed and seconded agreed that preliminary steps should be taken towards the formation of a new Lodge in Crawley and a Petition to Grand Lodge be prepared to this effect.  

    2 Past Masters and 18 Master Masons from various Lodges agreed to become Founders if suitably   qualified. The Petition prayed for a Warrant of Constitution for a new Lodge to be named St GEORGE'S LODGE meeting at the George Hotel Crawley on every third Wednesday in the months of October, November, January, February, March and April.


The Brethren who agreed to be Founders came from a diversity of Lodges.

1 P. M. Howard Lodge no. 56.

1 P. M. Grand Masters Lodge No.1.

18 Master Masons---1 Enoch Lodge No. 11.

1 Men of Sussex Lodge No.3712.

1 St George Tewkesbury Lodge No. 900.

1 Downley Parker Lodge No. 1083

9 Sackville Lodge No. 1619.

2 March and Darnley Lodge No. 1141.

1 Dorking LodgeNo.1149.

1 Royal Pavillion Lodge No. 4307

1 Gordon Lodge No.589 (Sc.)


The Petition was drawn up and Sponsored by the Master, Wardens, and Brethren of the SOUTH SAXON LODGE No. 311.at LEWES, on August 20th 1930. 

      The Petition was returned by Grand lodge for amendment in certain particulars.

1)      The proposed name of St George was not favoured.

2)      One Brother was not of the English Constitution.

          3)   7 Brothers were not Masonically old enough to be Founders.

      The Petition was amended by substituting the named FOREST OAK for the original and regretfully  deleting the names of the 8 Brothers who were unqualified. The Petition was re-submitted and a Warrant of Constitution was granted by Grand Lodge Dated 27th. October 1930. in the name of FOREST OAK No.5240. 

The Provincial Grand Master designated FRIDAY 16th JANUARY 1931. as the date for Consecration of the New Lodge together with the Installation of the Worshipful Master designate at the Drill  Hall Horsham. The Provincial Grand Master and Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge conducted the ceremony of Consecration, followed by The Deputy Grand Master Installing the new and first Master of Forest Oak according to ancient custom who then invested and installed his Officers.

     One Hundred and Twelve Brethren attended the Ceremonies.

     A Consecration Dinner was held after the proceedings at the Black Horse Hotel, Horsham attended by    

    the Provincial Team  as guests of the Lodge together with the Master, Wardens and Secretary of South

    Saxon Lodge, March and Darnley Lodge, Sackville Lodge, Richard Collyer Lodge, Brethren of the Forest

    Oak Lodge and their guests.


The Twelve Founders eligible from the original list of Twenty were:-

W/Bro. W.T. SHEPERDSON.               Howard Lodge of Brotherly Love No.56

                                   W/Bro. H. R. HILL.                     Past Master Lodge No. 1

                                   Bro. A. J. MAYO.                        Men of Sussex Lodge No 3712.

                                   Bro. H. E. BOTTING.                  St George Tewkesbury Lodge No 900.

                                   Bro. T. ROTHWELL.                   Downley Parker Lodge No. 1083.

                                   Bro. J. CLACK.                            Enoch Lodge No 11.

                                   Bro. J. A. CROWTHER.              Dorking Lodge No 1149.

                                   Bro. A. H. S. CATTEL.                Royal Pavillion Lodge No. 4307.

                                   Bro. R. G. MORLEY.                  Sackville Lodge No. 1619.

                                   Bro. J. WARD.                            Sackville Lodge No. 1619.

                                   Bro. S. BROOKS.                        Sackville Lodge No. 1619.

                                   Bro. E. C. CHIPPINGTON.         Sackville Lodge No. 1619.


        Upon receiving advice from Provincial Grand Lodge the names of The Four Brethren who appear on the Warrant are those Founders in order of Masonic Seniority.


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