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  • 1948. The Lodge of Instruction agreed to provide funds for a Lodge Banner to be presented to the Lodge. The cost not to exceed 15 pounds. 

  • 1949 Design of the Banner approved by Lodge and made by W/Bro. C. J. BRISTOW of CHANCTONBURY LODGE No. 6296

  • 1950 Banner Dedication Ceremony held at the George Hotel Crawley on 18th October by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master. 80 Members and Guests Present 

  • 1951 Proposal to sponsor a new Lodge agreed.

  • 1951 Trust House Ltd. not willing to renew lease of Lodge room at George Hotel. October 17th. First Meeting at Ifield Golf and Country Club.

  • 1952. Crawley Lodge No. 7613 Sponsored.

  • 1954 Investigation if Railway Hotel suitable for Lodge meetings (rejected.)

  • 1959 Proposal to sponsor a Forest Oak Royal Arch Chapter.

  • 1960 Petition to Grand Lodge for the new Chapter.

  • 1967 Lodge Presented with 250th year Centenary Jewel on full contribution to Commemorative Fund. Permanent Jewel for Master's collar.

  • 1969 Dispensation for special meeting at Crawley Club to discuss possibility of holding future meetings there. (Motion defeated.)

  • 1970 Presentation by Lodge of Oak Chair to Masonic School for Boys.

  • 1971 November Last meeting at Ifield Golf Club.

  • 1972 January First meeting at Crawley Club. Special meeting in June by dispensation to discuss purchase of St Margaret's Hall. Ifield Green.

  • 1973 April. Last meeting at Crawley Club. 

  • October First Meeting at Masonic Hall Ifield.

  • 1974 April Lodge approval for Banner to be included in Provincial Grand Lodge 200th Year Exhibition celebration.

  • 1977 February, the Oak chair was returned to the Lodge on closure of the Masonic School for Boys.

  • 1978 W/Bro Stewart awarded Grand Rank P. G. S. B.

  • 1981 January, 50 years Golden Jubilee Meeting attended by the
    R. W. Provincial Grand Master.
    V. W. Deputy Provincial Grand Master
    Provincial Grand Secretary.
    Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.
    51 Forest Oak Brethren and 47 visiting Brethren.
    Dinner after proceedings at the George Hotel. A service of thanksgiving was held at Ifield Parish Church on Sunday 25th January.

  • 1984 November. Proposal to sponsor Genesis Lodge.

  • 1986 November. Decision to continue with existing working with mandatory obligations.

  • 1990 July. Following a visit to Great Queen Street by the Lodge of Instruction, proposal agreed to present a Past Master's Jewel to Grand Lodge.

  • November. Demonstration of "Lodge Night 1759" by Bromley & West Kent Masonic Circle.

  • 2000 Discussions continued as to Traditional Forest Oak working. Past Masters agreed to record this as far back as could be substantiated

  • 2001 One Copy presented for use by succeeding Masters, and One Copy for succeeding Director of Ceremonies in

  • 2001 and one retained by compiler.

  • 2007 January 75th year Anniversary attended by R. W. Provincial Grand Master accompanied by the Provincial Team. Followed by the Festive Board at the Crawley Masonic Centre.

  • 2007. October W/ Bro Bernard Llyons is presented with his 60th year certificate as a member of Forest Oak Lodge.

  • 2008 April W. Bro George Downie is made an honorary member of the Lodge.

  • 2009 W. Bro George Downie is presented with his 50 years certificate as a member of the Lodge.

  • 2009 By-laws of Lodge updated and approved by P. G. L. a copy issued to each Lodge Member.

  • 2011 February W. Bro. Len Taylor is presented with his 50 years certificate in Freemasonry.

  • 2012 March W. Bro. Keith Newman-Knott is presented with his 50 years certificate as a member of Forest Oak Lodge.

  • 2012 December Web pages approved by Sussex Provincial Grand Lodge.


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